Review: Gianni Capri’s When I Don’t Reply

Gianni Capri When I Don’t Reply Independent Gianni Capri’s new track When I Don’t Reply is a bold departure from […]

Review: Loveshovel’s Got Bit

Loveshovel Got Bit Independent If Loveshovel look like they work on paper that’s because it’s written in pen and they […]

Review: San Cisco’s ‘Under the Light’

San Cisco Under the Light Island City Records Fremantle’s own San Cisco have released a groovy and infectious new single […]

Review: Dulcie’s ‘Off by Heart’

Dulcie Off by Heart Independent Perth indie-pop trio Dulcie continue to grow and evolve as songwriters with their new single, […]

Review: Primrose Path’s ‘Viscera’

Primrose Path Viscera Independent Primrose Path’s latest music video release, Viscera, is a macabre follow-up to their previously successful Irrelevance, […]

Review: Cold Fate’s ‘The End Is Not An Option’

Cold Fate The End Is Not An Option Independent Perth-based modern thrash metal outfit, Cold Fate, have unleashed their lead […]

Review: Any Girl’s ‘Into The Black’

Australian producer, singer, and songwriter Reija Lee has unveiled her new project, Any Girl, with debut single Into The Black. The new track, which is out on Thursday, June 29

Review: Neomantra’s ‘Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead)’

Neomantra Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) Independent Neomantra, the illustrious post-metal titans from Perth, have finally unleashed their […]

Review: Primrose Path’s ‘Irrelevance’

Primrose Path Irrelevance Independent Perth’s Primrose Path have consistently impressed with their musical offerings and have raised the bar even […]

Review: Proclivity’s ‘Mania’

Proclivity Mania Independent Proclivity, a five-piece progressive metal band from Perth, have made a powerful first impression with their debut […]

Review: Siobhan Cotchin’s ‘When The Curtains Close’

Siobhan Cotchin  When The Curtains Close  Tone City Records Siobhan Cotchin’s first single of 2023 When The Curtains Close offers […]

Review: FKA Franky’s ‘Milli’

FKA Franky Milli Independent 8/10 Continuing a steady rise in the local hip-hop scene, talented young Perth rapper FKA Franky […]

PLEASURE VALLEY Food for Thought

Pleasure Valley Food for Thought  Independent After years of performing in multiple musical projects including Grand Casual, Micheal Dunstan and […]

SUPATHICK Own My Mind gets 7/10

SUPATHICK Own My Mind Tone City Records 7/10 SUPATHICK have continued to blaze the trail of funk and pop along […]

TEENAGE VERTIGO Jellyfish gets 8/10

Teenage Vertigo Jellyfish Independent 8/10 Freo six-piece Teenage Vertigo have been emerging in the local scene lately playing in popular […]