TEENAGE VERTIGO Jellyfish gets 8/10

Teenage Vertigo



Freo six-piece Teenage Vertigo have been emerging in the local scene lately playing in popular places such as Mojo’s and YMCA HQ. Starting out as a school band at Seton Catholic College, they have now taken a more serious and committed road with the release of their first official song.

Jellyfish is an upbeat indie rock tune which has been played for crowds before but now is excitingly being released on a number of platforms. Those who have caught Teenage Vertigo live before will know the song can not only draw a crowd but also get everyone singing and dancing.

The song opens with an encapsulating solo guitar, with the drum beat then coming in to create a great atmosphere. Singer Aliyah Portinha’s voice perfectly tunes into the vibe of the song and builds up the tension to the erupting chorus. Meaningful and heartwarming lyrics provide balance to the uptempo beat making this a song that everyone can love.

Jellyfish is sure to get fans excited for the progression of this band and what is in store for them. Check out the track on unearthed now or on Spotify when it lands this Friday, August 19.