ANGIE COLMAN Who Are You After Me? gets 7/10

Angie Colman

Who Are You After Me?
Blue Grey Pink


Singer, songwriter and guitarist Angie Colman has blessed us again with her impeccable harmonies with the release of Who Are You After Me?. Colman’s heartfelt song writing abilities are exuded in this track, which is written about heartbreak and friendship in difficult times.

“It’s about a very close and intimate friend of mine, who I treated poorly while we were friends in high school,” said Colman about the song. “I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and was unable to be there for her through the shit she had going on in her life.”

Colman carries so much emotion through her voice and guitar work on this beautiful track, and you can really hear the passion in her voice as the song builds up.

Growing up surrounded by music and writing songs since she could speak, there’s no surprise she’s able to portray her message through her music, setting her above the growing songwriter scene in WA.

Her powerful lyricism in her single Maths released in November 2021 is proof of that, receiving rave reviews from triple j Unearthed, Around The Sound and RTRFM. If you enjoy music from indie-rock singer Stella Donnelly or indie-pop singer Carla Geneve, then Colman’s impressive voice will have you won over instantly.

Raised in the hills of Perth, Colman has since resided in the coastal city of Fremantle where her country-tinted indie-rock music is celebrated. She has performed alongside bands at The Bird, played packed out shows in Mojo’s and has even run her own Open Mic nights at Ronnie Nights.

Her new release has brought on new success, with Colman teaming up with Mark Neal at Blue Grey Pink management. After a huge 12 months of becoming a regular on-stage presence around Fremantle, it will be exciting to see what’s next for Angie Colman.