PLEASURE VALLEY Food for Thought

Pleasure Valley

Food for Thought 

After years of performing in multiple musical projects including Grand Casual, Micheal Dunstan and Echo Run, WA musician Joe Franzone has stepped out on his own this year with his solo project Pleasure Valley.

Growing up in the coastal town of Esperance, Franzone has had a passion for music since a young age. He released his debut single Beautiful in September, and has just followed it up with his second single Food for Thought.

The new track employs an impressive mix of sounds to create a loose, balmy vibe. This develops a serene mood that underpins the meaning of the song, which is about re-assuring special people in his life that everything is going to be okay. Lyrics such as “to see your smile, it’s been a while” and “I know that times have been rough/ In a rush I would be if you need,” captures the overall message.

Food for Thought brings indie and alternative rock vibes in the opening, and you can feel the comfort from Frazone in the song with its softer ambiance. The bass, smooth guitar and subtle drum beat build a placid atmosphere with electric sounds enhancing the mood.

Frazone’s newfound creative freedom in this solo project excites us for more upcoming music that he may have on the way.