Review: Loveshovel’s Got Bit

Got Bit


If Loveshovel look like they work on paper that’s because it’s written in pen and they do. Combine Shiny Joe Ryan (POND) on drums, Shane Corry (Galloping Foxleys) on bass, Justin Zanetic (Last Quokka) on guitar and fire-throated vocalist Alex Bogle (Ecosystem) out front and it’s a Freo Fab Four firing on all cylinders right there.

The ingeniously titled Got Bit is their second single in as many weeks proving that they’re not fucking around (even though they’re kinda fucking around quite a bit). “I put 50 dollars into Bitcoin it turned into 47 dollars,” Bogle opines in an increasingly frustrated snarl, as Ryan/Corry/Zanetic keep it tight riff-mically in a manner more early 80s new wave than the punk descriptor that’s been ascribed to them.

The band were originally called Legal Goat Fuckers and while that might not work on paper Loveshovel look to be well worth investing in. Just don’t expect any NFTs.