Review: Any Girl’s ‘Into The Black’

Any Girl
Into the Black

Australian producer, singer, and songwriter Reija Lee has unveiled her new project, Any Girl, with debut single Into The Black. The new track, which is out on Thursday, June 29 and available to pre-save now, showcases Lee’s artistic abilities, exploring fear of the unknown and complexities of relationships. 

In collaboration with acclaimed producer and drummer Timothy Commandeur, Any Girl turned a small demo loop into the catchy chorus melody of Into the Black. The ease of writing revealed the track’s potential as a keeper, resonating with influences like Wolf Alice, Laurel, and Hatchie, while showcasing Any Girl’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing authenticity.

Right from the outset, the song ensnares listeners with its allure, as haunting keys delicately set the scene, conjuring a chilled and immersive atmosphere that paves the way for an engrossing sonic journey. As the composition avails itself to the listener, Lee’s vocals seamlessly entwine with her bass guitar, while the synth progressively builds, layer upon meticulous layer, crafting an intricately polished production.

Ethereal vocals, ambient synth, moody percussion, and a gentle electric guitar riff weave the track together. With an 80s pop influence and contemporary electronic elements, each component finds its place, creating a dynamic sonic soundscape.

Exemplifying Lee’s and Commandeur’s songwriting and melodic intuition, the captivating showcase of their talents is further enhanced by the professional mixing skills of Lee’s brother, ShockOne. His expertise grants Into The Black a contemporary electronic essence, delicately balancing it with a soothing and chilled vibe.

The introspective lyrics of Into the Black delve into the fear beyond the surface of a dreaded ‘situationship’, where one chooses an unfulfilling relationship over loneliness. Lee’s uplifting vocal chorus and metaphorical use of “in the black" for intimacy provoke thoughts on surrendering to the familiar. The track challenges listeners to confront the fear of change and acknowledge that comfort can be necessary in the moment, prompting reflection on the complexities of relationships.

The artwork for Into the Black, crafted by Saxon Ames with photography by Matsu, visually complements the auditory experience, acting as a gateway into the world of Any Girl.

Fans can anticipate a multi-sensory experience with an accompanying music video due on Monday, July 10. Filmed inside the captivating light installation by Beamhacker at the Ice Cream Factory, the video represents further productive collaboration with Matsu.

In more exciting news for fans, Into The Black also foreshadows an upcoming album, signalling Any Girl‘s emergence with passion and determination to continue making waves in the Australian and international music scenes.