Review: Cold Fate’s ‘The End Is Not An Option’

Cold Fate
The End Is Not An Option

Perth-based modern thrash metal outfit, Cold Fate, have unleashed their lead single, The End Is Not An Option, building anticipation for their upcoming sophomore album, Return to Reality. Drawing inspiration from thrash legends including Metallica, Megadeth, and Testament, Cold Fate craft their own sound, placing emphasis on groove and technical riffing.

Meticulously produced under the expert in-house guidance of Cameron Nicholas, who handled the recording, mixing, and mastering duties, the album also benefits from the additional engineering prowess of Seb Giorgi.

From the first beat, The End Is Not An Option grabs the listener’s attention with an intricate trademark Cold Fate thrash riff. The rhythm section adds a stop-start dynamic, not only setting the stage for the song but also providing a glimpse of what’s to come on the entire album. The band wastes no time, launching into a blistering thrash metal instrumental onslaught, transporting the listener to the Bay Area with their raw intensity.

Vocalist Paul Di Scerni channels his inner Chuck Billy as he passionately proclaims, “The end is not an option now,” leading the band into one of the most catchy and syncopated metal riffs you’ll ever hear. This section is bound to ignite mosh pits with its infectious energy, as the listener envisages windmilling hair, headbanging and torsos bouncing in time with the band. A singalong chorus featuring gang vocals further showcases the band’s ability to craft memorable hooks.

Guitarists Cameron Nicholas and Zach Corkery engage in a truly riveting solo duel that will leave metalheads from all walks of life begging for more. As the lead-battle concludes, the guitarists then break into a harmonised solo, which serves as a highly skilled culmination of the song. Drummer Seb Giorgi’s snare and kick work, along with bassist Matt Carver’s rumbling bottom end, solidify the track’s energetic performance, providing a solid foundation for the guitar-driven assault.

To complement the release, Cold Fate has also unveiled an accompanying music video, expertly produced by Dom Giorgi. The video captures the band’s fast riffing, vocal choruses, and instrumental interplay, adding a visual dimension to their addictive auditory assault.

The aural onslaught of Return to Reality is also captured by visually engrossing artwork, intricately crafted by the talented Andrej Bartulovic of All Things Rotten.

The End Is Not An Option serves as a showcase for each member of Cold Fate, allowing them all to shine in their respective roles. The band’s chemistry is evident, their individual talents merge seamlessly to create an impressive melodic experience, while showcasing an unwavering commitment to delivering blistering thrash metal with groove and technical finesse.