Review: Primrose Path’s ‘Viscera’

Primrose Path


Primrose Path’s latest music video release, Viscera, is a macabre follow-up to their previously successful Irrelevance, which has garnered almost 40,000 YouTube views and counting. Directed by Joseph Varley of DarKSpirit Photography, the video dropped on Thursday, July 27 and delivers a chilling cinematic experience, with the band members showcasing their acting talents, living out a horror genre fantasy.

The video narrative centres around a man, portrayed by guitarist Brenton Lush, who summons a witch, played by vocalist Lindsay Rose, to feed off her energy and empower himself. The witch proceeds to target various aspects of human essence, represented by drummer James Handebeaux as ‘vulnerability,’ guitarist Taz Gallant as ‘spirituality,’ and bassist Scott Henry as ‘wisdom.’ Despite ‘Wisdom’s’ attempt to warn the witch that she will be the last to be fed from, she ignores the caution, leading to his voluntary sacrifice, knowing his fate was inevitable. In a manner reminiscent of a vampire, the man grows exponentially stronger upon the witch’s demise, leaving him empowered, while the witch meets her ultimate end.

The band’s exceptional work ethic is evident in their attention to every aspect of the video’s production. Rose demonstrates her multifaceted talent by shaping the video concept, handling makeup, designing the set, and editing the still image that serves as the release’s artwork. The story evolved through collective efforts, with Rose initially leading the way. Her commitment to every detail even extended to refurbishing the bath featured in the video. The collaborative spirit within the group is evident, with band members’ partners also contributing to the project, adding an extra layer of unity and passion to the outcome.

Lyrically, the song delves into the concept of how pain can disrupt one’s intuition, leading individuals to seek solace by feeding off others. The underlying message emphasises the importance of managing pain and finding inner strength rather than relying on others for sustenance, as depicted in the visceral video. The inspiration behind the song stems from a band member’s chronic condition, adding a personal touch to the lyrics.

Genre-wise, Viscera defies easy categorisation, incorporating elements of death metal, nu-metal, and the trademark Primrose Path prog style. Guitarist Lush delivers a fierce assault, accompanied by Henry’s bone-grinding distorted bass effects. The song features multiple layers of quad-tracked strings, incorporating both recorded rigs and modelling techniques to achieve rich, meaty guitar and bass tones.

Frontwoman Rose’s vocals shine during the chorus, eliciting ASMR in viewers with her soaring delivery of lyrics “Bleeding life unto me, your prescience. Feeding sight, I can see, percipience.” The harmonies are sung naturally, while the live percussive elements from session drummer Herb Bennetts infuse the track with a human feel and swing, avoiding the use of programmed drums, effectively capturing the truly organic essence that defines Primrose Path’s sound in Viscera.

The release may not be new material, as the band has been performing the song live for over a year. The tracked and video format of Viscera serves as a special gift for local Perth fans, having been meticulously recorded at Sumo Studios by Tristan Sturmer, skilfully mixed by Matt Templeman at Hopping Mouse Studios, and diligently mastered by Simon Struthers of Forensic Audio.

You can check out Viscera on all major DSPs here and the video below for your viewing pleasure. Consider this a fair warning – prepare for an intense experience!