Review: Primrose Path’s ‘Irrelevance’

Primrose Path


Perth’s Primrose Path have consistently impressed with their musical offerings and have raised the bar even higher with their latest release, Irrelevance.

Following their highly-acclaimed 2021 EP Matriffe, and the compelling singles Ignore and Down and Out, this five-piece outfit, led by charismatic front woman Lindsay Rose, have once again demonstrated their ability to deliver a unique blend of moody psychedelic space-witch prog metal.

With an exceptional production team at the helm, including the skilled Tristan Sturmer of Sumo Studios overseeing tracking, the mixing expertise of Matt Templeman from Templeman Audio, and the mastering prowess of Simon Struthers, Irrelevance is a sonically dynamic track that merges influences from melodic metal, grunge, djent, and death metal.

The meticulously crafted composition begins with a captivating vocal and piano introduction, as Lindsay hauntingly asks the subject of her lyrical tongue-lashing, “Is this what you want?”

This introspective moment swiftly gives way to an intricate guitar riff and vocal pattern that gradually builds anticipation for an impending dark twist. The rhythm section then explodes, featuring the powerful syncopation of session drummer Herb Bennetts and bassist Scott Henry teaming up with fast-picking guitarist Brenton Lush, to escalate the song with an overwhelming force. Lindsay’s vocals soar to astral heights, granting listeners an immersive experience into the trademark Primrose Path sound.

Irrelevance explores profound themes of resilience in the face of rejection and adversity, capturing the essence of overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination. True to Primrose Path’s signature style, the lyrics delve deep into the intricacies of the human experience. In this track, Lindsay’s vocals adopt a more assertive and aggressive tone, reflecting her personal journey and struggles as an artist.

The band’s strong bond as a unit is undeniably evident in their music. The sibling duo of singer Lindsay and guitarist Brenton, along with bassist Scott Henry, seamlessly merge their talents to create a harmonious blend of melody and brutality. Recent line-up shuffles have seen the inclusion of Taz Gallant on rhythm guitar and James Handebeaux on drums, who don’t feature on Irrelevance, but will appear in Primrose Path’s upcoming material, adding further depth to an ever-evolving sound.

Prepare to be blown away as Primrose Path unleash Irrelevance on Saturday, May 27 across all streaming services. The track will also be bolstered by a captivating video from the acclaimed Joseph Varley at DarkSpirit Photography.

Irrelevance serves as the first of two singles, with Viscera following later this year. Get ready to immerse yourself in the psychedelic space-witch prog metal world of Primrose Path, because the wait for new material (and live shows) is almost over.