Review: Proclivity’s ‘Mania’


Proclivity, a five-piece progressive metal band from Perth, have made a powerful first impression with their debut release, Mania. Working alongside renowned producer and engineer Matt Templeman of Templeman Audio, Proclivity have crafted a track that combines their diverse influences, including Karnivool, Voyager, Dream Theater, and Tool, while infusing elements from symphonic and pop genres.

Mania immediately grabs the listener’s attention with Hayden Wright’s distinctive throaty and melodic heavy rock vocals setting the tone for the song. Guitarists David Ellis and Ben Tippins exhibit great skill and tone, while the rhythm section, featuring David May on drums and Sol Spilsbury-Slee on bass, forges a commanding backbone that drives a high-octane prog-metal experience.

“For us, it’s all about giving people an ‘earworm’ to send them home with,” said Wright. “We want listeners to be singing parts of our songs for days and have our music looping in their heads for weeks – even if it’s only a 10-second section.”

The frontman’s lyrical prowess offers a profound analysis of the polarising facets inherent in today’s public dialogue. Certain themes find their most compelling expression within the fiery realm of metal, and Mania is no exception. Wright’s message is conveyed with a fervour reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan and the incisive socio-political sensibilities akin to Serj Tankian.

“We strive to stay away from angsty, uninspired lyrics that say nothing,” Ellis added. “We’ve been given some gifts, and we’d like to try and use them to make people aware of things going on in the world, or even just express our opinion creatively.”

Proclivity’s creative vision for Mania extends beyond their musical talents. The band enlisted Italian artist Marco Zagara to craft artwork that captures the song’s overall ethos. Wright then leveraged his Adobe AfterEffects skills to weave Zagara’s visual artwork into a riveting lyric video. These captivating visuals not only complement the music but also engage and intrigue listeners, providing a multi-dimensional artistic experience.

Mania is the first of a series of three singles that will be released from Proclivity’s forthcoming debut album, The Year Without a Summer. It serves as a standout track, giving listeners a taste of the band’s sublime talent. Fans can look forward to the release of their upcoming singles, Raindance and Paper Dollhouse, while anticipating the exciting musical journey that Proclivity has in store for them.