#thenewme @ The Briefing Room at Girls School gets 8/10

@ The Briefing Room at Girls School
Friday, January 28, 2022


#thenewme covers common territory for a one-woman theatre show, detailing the insecurity and battle to find oneself that many people, particularly young women, face in today’s social-media obsessed reality. What sets it apart from other similar works is its well-worked and inordinately tight script, as well as the performance of its writer and solo star, Boorloo based performer, Mariah O’Dea.

Originating as a short 10 minute piece at the Blue Room’s 2017 600 Seconds showcase, #thenewme has since been developed into a full length production and a remarkably well crafted piece of theatre. The show’s dialogue is sharp, with great economy, as every line or action on stage by O’Dea serves a purpose. As a result, the hour long show rushes by in what feels like half time, with the show’s action vibrantly zipping along.

O’Dea is a wonderful performer, embodying each of the show’s characters (or are they all the same character, just trying on different metaphorical hats till they find the one that fits just right?) to a tee, making it hard to separate the performer from the characters.

Accordingly, the show is one of the most relatable and truthfully funny that you will catch at this year’s Fringe.


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