GODZ @ Main Hall at Girls School gets 7/10

@ Main Hall at Girls School

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Presented by Melbourne-based Head First Acrobats, a “super sexy and hilarious sneak peek into the lives of the Ancient Gods of Olympus” was promised. Judging by the raucous appreciation of the audience throughout, this award-winning, Fringe-favourite collective delivered on that promise in spades on a catwalk stage in Girls School’s Main Hall.

Behold Godz, in which Apollo (Thomas Gorham), Cupid (Liam Dummer), Dionysus (Jordan Twartz) and Hercules (Callan Harris) delight and entertain from Mount Olympus to Hades and back again. Each performer, each with their own set of awe-inspiring skills, takes turns to tell the story through incredible feats of strength and the occasional well-timed aside. Hercules’ father, Zeus, is an absent but omnipresent presence in the show as well through amusing voice overs used mainly to berate Hercules for being a mere demi-god in the presence of the other gods. Hercules takes this all in his stride, well-played by Harris with a wry smile, clearly enjoying himself almost as much as the audience.

The superhuman strength of Twartz as Dionysus was an instant hit, as he somehow manages to be climbed by not one, but two of the other performers. His solo yoyo act with ‘wine’ glasses was both petrifying as well as impressive as they flew wildly about. Cue whips, stacks of chairs, four sexy lads with next-level skills in sweet outfits and high energy beats and we’re in for a damn good time!

Harris on his ladder was a highlight. Seemingly precarious, always landing safely; someone climbing up and down on a freestanding ladder certainly is a sight to behold. A swing, always an audience favourite in any circus act, was deployed with great strength and agility by several of the performers. Perhaps a standout moment of the show, at least in terms of narrative, was Hercules’ banishment to Hades before his eventual rescue by a pack of naughty nuns, performed by Gorham, Dummer and Twartz. The saucy sacrilegious display had everyone enthralled.

While the physical achievements of these performers can not be faulted, a little more attention to the construction of the narrative of Godz would have lifted this spectacle another level. Simply put, a wee bit more comedy along with the circus would have made this ‘circus/comedy’ act something truly special, given the level of skill each of these performers possesses. That being said, even if they were to dispense of the comedy tag altogether they’d still be performing to packed out crowds delighted by the visual feast on offer alone.

Godz is one of those shows that really reminds you it’s Fringe time, with plenty for the eyes to enjoy and a cast of performers who are clearly having an absolute ball while entertaining the audience with their antics. Well worth adding to your list of must-sees for a guaranteed super fun time, along with anything else this collective presents in the future. Your eyes will thank you for it.


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