JACQUES BARRETT @ The Hellenic Centre gets 8/10

Jacques Barrett – I Just Turned 40 So Obviously Here’s a Show About WW2 @ The Hellenic Centre

Saturday, January 29, 2022


There is one main surprise regarding Jacques Barrett and his show I Just Turned 40 So Obviously Here’s A Show About WW2 and that is; the show is quite aptly titled. While the show is definitely a comedy show, its is remarkable how much history that Jacques manages to fit in. And what’s even more surprising is that it’s the historical facts that produce the show’s most hilarious, laugh out loud moments.

Barrett has honed his craft over the past decade with gigs all over Australia and around the world, and his experience and professionalism as a stand-up is evident in the show. Loosely named after the change in results that the Netflix algorithms began serving Jacques upon turning 40, this motif allowed him plenty of scope to tie his personal experiences and historical events together, and weave them into hilarious outcomes.

Jacques’ delivery was relaxed yet focused, effortlessly engaging with the audience in between dropping lines that absolutely crushed. His jokes, while not overtly politically correct, demonstrated his raised social consciousness, such as his nod to the female heroes of World War II, detailing the oft ignored part women played on the front line.

This show will easily go on to bigger stages, so catch it while you can in its current intimate setting at Fringe this year.


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