Let’s Go, Magic Weirdos

lgmw_02Mountain at 267 William Street in Northbridge on Thursday, October 25, from 6-9pm, and runs ‘til Sunday, October 28.

Intent on curating a group exhibition where every artwork on display is as compelling as the next, Perth artist Sean Morris will showcase a selection of original works by artists from near and far flung places later this month with Let’s Go, Magic Weirdos, his first curatorial outing. Set to be staged at Paper Mountain, the exhibition will unite a dynamic group of creative and occasionally subversive thinkers, including a few characters Morris had the pleasure of meeting during some recent overseas adventures.

“There’s something I can’t even really define about all of these artists, where their work just gets under my skin, makes me pay attention,” Morris explains of his selection process for Let’s Go, Magic Weirdos. “I’ve been to so many group exhibitions where maybe a couple of pieces will give me that feeling, and then my eyes will just gloss over the rest. I wanted to put on a show where every single piece was brilliant and strange enough to arrest people and make them feel something, the sort of show you keep thinking about long after you leave.”

An accomplished artist in his own right, Morris spent much of the last 12 months travelling for his own practice, encountering a plethora of weird and wonderful artists and inspiring exhibitions along the way.

“I had a solo show in London late last year then spent some time in Europe, and spent the middle part of this year in the USA. I had a group show in Los Angeles, then one in New York, did some painting in Manhattan, and met a lot of awesome art folks, including a few people who are in this show. It’s my favourite way to experience new places – doing creative junk and being surrounded by like-minded people. I’m doing a show over in Madrid early next year, so that should be a lot of fun as well.

“I hatched the idea [for Let’s Go, Magic Weirdos] in Perth and started planning the show earlier in the year. I had what I thought was the full list before I was away, then when I was in the States I met a handful of amazing artists like Eric McHenry, John Malta and Sheryo, who were too awesome not to ask to be in the show.”

Boasting work by 24 artists – with pieces priced between $50-$1500 (the majority of which are between $200-$300) – Let’s Go, Magic Weirdos promises to be an arresting affair with a few off-beat surprises thrown in for good measure.

“I’m pretty excited about everyone’s work, but equally as excited to see the reactions of people who come down to the show… there’s some really amazing art in there. I guess the brat in me is most excited to witness the horrified reactions to James Unsworth’s amazing but unbelievably NSFW Ninja Turtle porn drawings.”

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