Joel Creasey

Joel-CreaseyMelbourne-based comedian Joel Creasey has been called ‘The Acid Tongue Prince’. He doesn’t hold back and makes no apologies for his deliciously bitchy jokes. With his new show, Naked, he takes it one step further. Catch him at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den at The Brisbane Hotel on Sunday, November 4, at 6.30pm and 8pm. Tickets from Moshtix.

“Club Med is actually where my fear of nudity started,” Joel Creasey says down the line from Melbourne, talking of his fresh show Naked which had everyone talking at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Perth International Comedy Festival earlier this year. “I was in the kids club and I was about eight or nine at the time and we had to put on a performance on the last night for all the hotel guests.

“They’ve got a stadium theatre there. It’s like a 2000 seat theatre at Club Med in Bali and I don’t know who funds that theatre but it’s huge and our routine was a routine to the Beach Boys’ California Girls where we’d strut around the stage in our Speedos doing the muscle man pose and that seriously scarred me… there’s 2000 people in sarongs off their face in the crowd gawking at this little eight year old boy walking around in his Speedos. Very creepy. I’ve not been back to Bali since.”

Aside from the Club Med story, Creasey says Naked is about his fears and embarrassments. “And a little bit about my poor mother, she always gets it in my show. She likes 12 or 13 glasses of wine on a Monday evening but she’s good fun,” he adds. “Naked, at the moment, is my favourite show so I’m really excited to be doing it again.”

One of Creasey’s fears is feet. He doesn’t like them. But, he says he may even be barefoot at some stage during Naked. “I despise feet. I do not get them,” he says, cringing. After fellow comedian and friend Adam Richard tweeted (as a joke) to all his followers that Creasey had a foot fetish, asking them to send in photos of their feet to Creasey, he’s been more than disgusted every since. “People sent me pictures of their feet doing things and it was just wrong. The other week I saw Adam at a bar and I was chatting to someone and then suddenly there was a bare foot on my shoulder (cringes). It was a very good leg extension on his behalf.”

Aside from performing around the place, Creasey has been doing his fair share of morning breaky show appearances of late, having appeared on The Circle and 92.9FM (“I usually go bed like 3am so to suddenly go to bed at like 8.30pm, I didn’t. I was lying in bed for hours going ‘what am I doing’.”), Creasey will be busy promoting his debut DVD release which drops in December. “The DVD is the ‘Best Of’,” he says. “It’s from my last three festival shows… the legal department at the ABC were a little bit skeptical so there were a few bits taken out but I did manage to convince them of a fair few points. They’re like ‘you actually can’t say Jason Akermanis is a dickhead’ and I’m like ‘I said it, and he is, so put it in’.”

After Naked, Creasey will be touring with fellow friend and comedian Fiona O’Loughlin in northern Queensland before doing some club gigs and starting work on his show for next year. “I love Antiques Roadshow and Downton Abbey,” he says. “I’m addicted. I’ve just been so caught up in Downton Abbey and it’s sort of taking over my life. Like I almost feel like I live in the ‘20s. I’m going to talk about it in my next show – all about it and how I kind of want servants.”

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