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Album #2 for The Community Chest sees ex-Turnstyle frontman Adem K land his crew directly between the thick, synthesised strangeness of Eno’s Here Come The Warm Jets and Grandaddy’s emotive, obtuse slackery, to great results.

Crowned with fuzz and cooing male/female harmonies, hooks come thick and fast; Get Into The Rocket is pure pleasure centre, half-krautrock and half-Who, with a melody sort of like God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on uppers. Cyclops Extreme is a brassy raveup, while the stately Car C sports astonishingly well-placed production (courtesy Laurie Sinagra). Slowing down further, Blassphemy is a perfect  tune, with an aching chorus that springs out of nowhere, while Anti-Lullaby might be the most delicate, moving thing he’s written. There’s abundant lyrical weirdness (anemones, rubber trees, I think I heard something about George Lazenby?), and the interplay of the band make the songs breathe and shake and wheeze on cue.

As the first album billed to the Community Chest as a band, there’s a palpable sense of warmth and assuredness that hums through the whole thing. Like the best pop music, it’s crafted with detail, love and invention, and basically reaffirms the basic reasons why people still care about three minute songs played on guitars. Get on it!


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