SPACEY JANE Here comes a new album

Perth’s own Spacey Jane are about to return with their second album, Here Comes Everybody this Friday, June 24. The record  has been preceded by a run of popular singles, including Sitting Up, Lunchtime, Lots of Nothing, It’s Been a Long Day, and Hardlight, which have only added to the anticipation, as have the news of their biggest Australian tour yet, hitting RAC Arena on Friday, August 5. APRIL HANCOCK spoke to drummer Kieran Lama and guitarist Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu to find out why they’re just excited as their fans about what’s coming next.

How different does this album feel, compared to the last?

Kieran: Different is the easiest word to use! The anticipation was a different feeling, like it was quite a nice naïveté to be releasing a debut record I think. We were just kind of living through it and experiencing everything for the first time. Now we know what’s up and what to expect.

Ashton: I think we grew up a little bit as well with this second record. The songs are a bit more mature in a really good way, which were proud of.

If you had to sum it up, what would you say the album is about?

Ashton: For me it symbolises growing up I guess, because that’s what it represents to us as well. We were maturing alongside the creation of this thing, with lots of learning. That’s my interpretation of it.

He’s (Caleb Harper) written it more so for others than just speaking on his own experiences. I think that’s something you can take away from it. Also, I remember Caleb saying to me that there’s a vague theme of showing that you can get through anything, especially if you have good friends that are there for you. Which is where the name of the record came from I guess.

Would you say that there are any artists who have inspired the sound of the album?

Kieran: Yeah there’s definitely a couple there; War on Drugs, Phoebe Bridgers. Those are the two which are always circled back to.

Ashton: Yeah they’re definitely big influences on the production, sound wise.

Would you say that there’s any pressure on creating a new album?

Kieran: Yeah I’m definitely more nervous in the weeks before, compared to how I was the first time.

Ashton: There’s just an expectation. We’re so lucky that the first record meant so much more to a lot of people and we just hope this next one can do a similar thing.

Moving onto the tours, how do you feel after doing your first round of international shows?

Kieran: Stoked! Just in disbelief. I feel really lucky and excited to do more of it. It’s such a cool thing that there’s people outside of Australia who love the music.

Ashton: Makes me excited about the future, that’s for sure!

Does that make you more excited to play in Australia again?

Kieran: It’s interesting, the relationship that we have with touring here given that it was all we’ve ever done and now it’s like shit it’s been a while!

Ashton: It’s different. It was really comfortable in Australia I found with the shows. It’s just awesome and it’s such a special experience. In the UK and Europe it was special in a different way, but it was also harder. We were by ourselves a lot more while in Australia we have this really amazing crew. I’m excited to do it all again, after seeing some footage from our last tour. It was really heart warming!

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