SPACEY JANE Hardlight gets 9/10

Spacey Jane


Local Perth band Spacey Jane have released yet another incredible single ahead of their upcoming second album Here Comes Everybody. Judging by the songs that have been released so far, the album entails the same addictive Spacey sound as their debut Sunlight, but this track shows them bringing a different mood to the forefront.

The four-piece have had major success over the past few years with Booster Seat bringing them to #2 on the Triple J hottest 100, along with other songs from Sunlight in the poll of 2020’s best tunes. From this their music has continued to impress, bringing forward the real question – can they produce a bad song?

Hardlight opens with a more mellow start than most of Spacey Jane’s other tracks, having a similar sound to Kings of Leon’s Pyro (which the band has discussed as an inspiration from them). This then leads into the usual build up and energetic chorus which we’ve come to expect.

The more electric and upbeat melodies are infectious, itching your skin as you listen to it. The lyrics on the other hand follow Harper’s anxieties which he explains, “I wrote this song about how I was feeling like my life was a bit like one of those nightmares where you’re at school with no pants. Except I used the metaphor of being on set and forgetting all of your lines (because it felt less silly). I guess it’s about anxiety but also just having no idea what I’m doing even though I want it to look like I really do.”

This track will definitely make fans more excited for the album, Here Comes Everybody, set to come out Friday, June 24 along with the tour that they have just announced for Australia in August.


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