DOLCE BLUE Nothing Bad gets 9/10

Dolce Blue

Nothing Bad
Blue Grey Pink


Local alternative pop band Dolce Blue have launched their new upbeat and brutally honest single Nothing Bad. Members Brody Honey, Daniel Taylor, Lachlan Casey and Veronica Zurzolo are set to perform their single at The Bird in Northbridge on Friday, June 17, which we’re sure will be ‘nothing bad.’

The song paints a vivid picture of the day-to-day inconveniences and how they can weigh us down, like when you take that first glimpse in the mirror after waking up (yikes). The lyrics highlight the duality of how minor inconveniences that happen to us daily are really nothing worth getting worked up over, but also how they can make us feel like the world is working against us.

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Veronica Zurzolo shares that she was riding her bike when the lyrics and melody came to her. “It was a cold morning, or maybe I was just cold, and I had just tried to water my sad and small excuse of a front lawn patch when the elderly lady next door yelled to me that it’s not my water day.”

Interpret the song however it resonates with you, but enjoy the flourished trills of guitars and the simple backing instrumentals in this catchy indie-pop meets alternative-rock tune. This crushing repetitive beat will have you playing it in your head all day, a good reminder in acknowledging our daily privileges.

This new release comes after Dolce Blue’s success with songs Dream Catcher and Summer Wave which received support from the likes of triple j, RTRFM, and Pilerats, plus landing them slots at RTRFM’s 45th Anniversary Party and the inaugural Way Way West. Nothing Bad is great continuation of their sound, taking a more upbeat style over their more mellow previous songs.

More new music isn’t too far away either, with the Kalamunda locals set to release their second album in early 2023 under indie record label Blue Grey Pink, working alongside local producer Michael Strong.


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