PAT CHOW Good things come in threes

Local rockers Pat Chow are set to deliver their “third and final album” You Are So Valid with a launch show at Lynott’s Lounge on Saturday, August 27. Since forming over a decade ago the three-piece have been a mainstay of Perth’s live scene, winning multiple WAM Song of the Year awards, touring Australia and the US, and supporting the likes of Ball Park Music, Custard, Regurgitator, Everclear and more. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with vocalist and guitarist Ben Protasiewicz to reflect on the journey, find out what we can look forward to at the launch, and what’s next for the trio.

So what’s this talk about this being your last album? Does that mean you are winding up as a band, or focusing on singles or something instead?

This will be the last official release from Pat Chow. We have some straggling B sides that might come out when we feel like it but there won’t be any more Pat Chow songs being written or shows after August 27th at Lynott’s.

Were you already thinking of this being your final album when you wrote and recorded it, and did that shape how you approached it?

It wasn’t in mind, no. We went about this album the same way we went about everything else. That said, there are some coincidental goodbyes and salutations in some of the songs that couldn’t fit much better if I tried.

What’s something you have done differently on this record compared to those you have released before?

This album is the most DIY of the three. We tracked the beds live in two days and spent time in You’re Weird studio finishing it off. It’s rough and loose in all the right places. Some of the live vocal leads were even kept. There are a lot of extra guitar overdubs and experimental keys and stuff that we haven’t done before. I think Noxious Weed has like 12 guitar solo takes playing at the same time at one point. We used every trick we had learned recording in other studios and kind of mashed all those techniques together for this one. The result is rather unique, I reckon.

And what about the band itself? What do you feel is the biggest difference between Pat Chow now and when you first formed?

I guess we’re older and wiser. No need for a do over but we’ve figured out what works by throwing everything around and seeing what sticks. Some things don’t stick and you don’t need to do it again.

Who else is playing on the launch night and what made them a fitting choice for such an occasion?

I booked a big one. We have Last Quokka, The Spunloves and Supernaked in for support. All excellent bands whose song writing and musicianship I admire a lot and they’re good people.

What’s next for you guys? Pat Chow members seem to play in a stack of other local bands, so I expect there’s plenty to keep you all busy?

Jamie is still in a tonne of bands, I’m looking forward to his and Axel (Carrington)’s other band, Rental Knives releasing music and hitting the circuit. Goldy had finally launched his overdue songwriting pursuit, The Mackerels. That band is fantastic and a joy to catch live. I’ll be working on lead guitar and writing and recording with Lonesome Dove.

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