NECTAR In The Clear gets 7/10


In The Clear


Psychedelic indie groovers Nectar unleashed their third release In The Clear on August 22, following on from June’s well received single Plateau, and 2020’s Caramel Blue, which has racked up just over 50,000 streams on Spotify. With that under their belt, the local four-piece launched the warm guitar-drenched track as a Tone City Recording crossover show last Friday (August 20) at Fremantle’s local institution Mojos Bar.

Similar to their previous releases, In The Clear has an incredibly smooth laid-back feel that applies effortlessly like sunscreen on a warm summer’s day. The overall feel of the outfit’s sound and look fits delightfully into the recent 70s aesthetic revival that has been becoming more prominent in so many local artists.

The track has all the makings of a classic indie-surf rock song, similar to great outfits like Ocean Alley or Mako Road, right up until the gritty guitar solo hints a jazzy scale. This followed by a satisfying full-bodied saxophone solo pleasantly impresses, like you’ve just discovered something new, something a little different, but familiar enough to get.

The group claim to be “putting out a little flavour” and they’re not lying, with a sizzling hot drumbeat, foot stomping hip-swaying bass line, swirls upon swirls of guitars, all topped off by warm in sound, but chilled in delivery vocals, captured wonderfully by producer/ engineer/ local legend Sam Ford (Pond, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Birds of Tokyo, Abbe May and so many more).

With a great sound and a growing audience who are eagerly consuming it, combined with a retro image from the yellow shades to the orange coats which are so “in” right now, be sure to keep a keen ear out for In The Clear and the sweet taste of Nectar!


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