MAN SANDAL Can’t Mean Much gets 7/10

Man Sandal
Can’t Mean Much
Rockton Records


With a name like Man Sandal, you would expect a band to like the simpler things and to ordain their music with only the bare essentials, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for the Perth five-piece. 

Their latest offering Can’t Mean Much, is the second single from the forthcoming debut album Chess Club. Can’t Mean Much isn’t your run of the mill tune. It first appears to be a delicate indie-folk ramble until some jazz chords and stylings give it a point of difference. Georgia Siciliano’s earthy vocals dictate an intimate tale without being overly earnest in her delivery.

Not one to take the path most travelled, Man Sandal deliver a close to six minute opus that finds horns and violin adding extra textures and tones as the song progresses into its final half. It is the song’s extended refrain that is its greatest asset, and where it does its best to earworm you. Can’t Mean Much is an intriguing taster for what is to come from Man Sandal. 


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