KIDDGANG The kids are alright

After amassing an impressive 150,000 plus streams on their previous single Luv, Perth-based, South African-born siblings KIDDGANG are back with their new track Good Guy. Comprised of 15-year old Faith and 21 year-old brother Tervin Brown, the duo blend classic RnB and soul, with a peppering of Emo-rap. Ahead of its official release this Friday, October 23, BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Faith Brown to find out about their journey so far, the story behind the song and what we can look forward to from them next.

Being born in South Africa, how is music different in that culture and environment and how do you feel it has influenced your music?

If I’m being completely honest, yes we were born in South Africa, but we never got to really have the full experience of our culture. My family and I moved to Australia when I was only four and my brother was nine, so I’ve spent most of my life here in Australia. I’ve only recently started taking more interest in Afrobeat and making Afrobeat music because it feels closer to home. It just makes my heart sing if that makes sense? I’ve always turned to my father to understand the music and culture back home.

And had the two of you always written or played music together? Did KIDDGANG feel like something new to you or more of a continuation of what you found yourself doing naturally anyway? 

We all started music very differently. I personally was singing for as long as I can remember. As I got older, I moved to a new primary school and they required an iPad as stationery. In music class my teacher made us use GarageBand and that kind of sparked my individual work, making raps on looped beats. It was so innocent. We didn’t think of becoming musicians really, we just did it cause we loved it.

With time, Tervin educated me a lot. He told me I had a talent and that you’re never too young to pursue it. I still do individual work, but doing that and doing KIDDGANG music are two different “highs.” The group work always makes me feel a bond with Tervin – it’s always just positive vibes and feels right, like we’re the only people on earth.

My solo music is so personal and intimate. I vent a lot more so it’s very therapeutic. As siblings, we’ve been through so much to keep the group alive and now it feels like we can get through anything. We’ve got so much to share creatively. KIDDGANG is definitely a blend of both our individual sounds.

There seems to be a real blend of R&B and hip hop in this song, were there any artists in particular that you felt inspired that sound?

We listen to many different artists and genres including Trippie Redd, Jesse Reyez, Chris Brown, Halsey and more. I feel like the music we listen to does have an effect on our sound. We like to have a unique texture in our music which doesn’t suggest a certain genre, which is why we like to have more than one element in a song.

Despite the lush vocals and awesome beats, you can tell the lyrics are quite important in this song too. Can you tell us what it’s about and why you felt like expressing it in a song?

Growing up, I’ve seen so many love narratives that destroyed people, enlightened people or downright confused people with future relationships. The song resembles a twisted and complicated love story. I feel as an artist my goal has always been to help heal people in a certain way by reflecting my life. This is why I wanted to do the song. I wanted to tell the story because when I experience something I take it as a sign for me to put pen to paper and make a song.

Have KIDDGANG performed live and are there any plans for that in the future? It must be harder to get those opportunities with the 18 plus rule at venues?

As crazy as it seems KIDDGANG have never touched the stage, yet! But we have so many plans and ideas for performing, from music concepts to social media engagement. It definitely is a struggle to find venues without the 18 plus rule, but it is what it is. We just try to find the solutions and not focus on the problems. We definitely keep in mind divine timing – everything happens for a reason.

What’s next for KIDDGANG? Can we expect to hear more music from you in the future?

Hell yes. You can definitely expect more music, new videos, and more of us on Instagram to get a sense of what our fashion is.

And what are you listening to now that might shape the kind of music you create next?

Tev and I have been listening to a lot more hip hop and pop like J. Cole, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD, so definitely expect those vibes!

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