JOAN & THE GIANTS Home Song gets 7.5/10

Joan & The Giants

Home Song


Alternative-pop band Joan & The Giants have released a new single Home Song and it’s the perfect love letter to appreciating the people in your life.

With the group being led by partners Grace Newtown-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch, Grace expressed that Home Song was written on a Sunday in June 2021. “Aaron and I had a pointless fight over nothing (probably the dishes), then he saw all of these missed calls on his phone and found out his grandma was seriously ill and he needed to fly to Broome immediately to say goodbye,” she said.

“When he flew away, it put everything into perspective and I just wanted to take the pain from his chest and hold it for a while. It taught me to not take anything for granted, and to hold the people you love close … so this song is for Aaron, my home.”

The couple have come together from different backgrounds, Birch from a remote Indigenous community in the Kimberley and Newtown-Wordsworth from a farm down South of WA. They are now both Perth-based and play in the group alongside fellow band mates Riley Sutton and Liam Olsen.

Home Song is another track to pull at the heartstrings, similar to their previous releases Just For You and Slow Motion (it’s clear they have a knack for it). With sounds similar to the band Daughter and singer Maggie Rogers, Home Song is a warm and soulful tune laced with Newtown-Wordsworth’s glorious vocals and lyrics, here to remind us to not take things for granted.

After forming in early 2019, the four-piece have had great success with frequent triple j airplay, headlining Shinju Matsuri Festival to 7,500 people and being nominated for a Western Australian Music award.

After a huge year in 2021 with three nominations in the International Song Writing competition, and Home Song being their second release of this year, after Slow Motion dropped in May, there’s no doubt the group will continue to conquer in 2022 and beyond.


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