JESS JOCELYN Something Good gets 7/10

Jess Jocelyn

Something Good


Hong Kong born, North Perth raised singer-songwriter Jess Jocelyn has released Something Good, her second single overall, and first since joining local label BLUE GREY PINK (Pat Chow, Big Orange, Odlaw).

Jess Nyanda Moyle, the artist behind the solo project Jess Jocelyn, has been writing and performing gigs and theatre shows in Perth for a few years now, with Something Good written in response to a world changed by COVID-19.

The track fuses folk, rock, and pop, telling a story with a catchy rhythm. It has plenty of bounce from the opening moments, with rocking bass and drums and a melody that draws the listener in. The vocals are somewhat solemn as Jocelyn laments the common challenges of life in lockdown, such as wanting to meet someone but being unable to, and instead “waving from a screen.”

This melancholy notion is offset by the buoyant rhythm of the music, giving it a light-hearted quality. The tune builds from there to finish with rousing gang vocals courtesy of Mark Neal (Odlaw), Chris Grunwaldt and Taylah McLean (Yawn Vibes) in a catchy sing along.

Overall, Something Good is a great debut single with the label for Jess Jocelyn and it will be interesting to see how she develops her sound further on future releases.


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