JACK DAVIES AND THE BUSH CHOOKS Inner City Lights gets 9/10

Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks

Inner City Lights


Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks are cementing themselves as one of Australia’s premier folk rock acts. Last year’s single Half Frozen Beer won WAM Country song of the year, and their follow-up EP Songs for a Long Walk received critical acclaim. The band are growing from strength to strength in 2021, with latest single Inner City Lights proving another feather in their cap. While previous singles highlighted frontman Jack Davies’ storytelling prowess, this single, above all else, sounds absolutely beautiful.

The words are still excellent, concerning a twilight walk home and time to one’s own thoughts. The mood is introspective and lines like “I watch you exhale impaled by a cold street light/ Unfinished sentences lingering in the smoke” are inspired scene setters. The music is the real star of the show this time however. The rhythm is more driving than the band’s previous work and this is very welcome new wrinkle to their sound.

It truly sounds like twilight set to a score, as warm bass envelops the listener like a haze and provides a perfect bedrock for snatches of ringing slide guitar and strings. The song’s outro is magnificent, with a repeating violin motif and a minimal guitar solo that recalls the tasteful stylings of George Harrison. Overall this is an excellent single that builds some serious excitement for the band’s upcoming EP Shadows and Sounds of the Night, due later this year.


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