Festival: The Big Day Out

Bluejuice x General PantsThe Big Day Out rolls in town this Sunday, February 2 at Arena Joondalup featuring a whole swag of big names including Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Snoop Dog, Major Lazer, Tame Impala and The Hives, to name but a few and thanks to one of their event partners, General Pants Co., we’ve got two double passes to giveaway. All you have to do to win is tell us what you’ll be wearing to the festivities on Sunday. Subscribe to X-Press shout-out, and email: [email protected]


  1. Nikki D'Amico says:

    Indian headdress from Thailand full moon party with face paint 🙂

  2. Jai Twentyman says:

    I will be wearing anything you tell me to.

  3. I will be wearing jean shorts and white tshirt. And boots.

  4. If it’s 35 degree as forecasted, I won’t be wearing very much…. Let me tell you!!

  5. Kieran culver says:

    A smile

  6. The usual jeans and compulsory ® shirt featuring a band.

  7. Jeff Wiktorski says:

    I’ll be wearing a black homemade T-shirt with ‘RIP PERTH BDO’ emblazoned on it, my trusty green cargo shorts (veterans of around 8 BDOs) and my comfiest pair of Nikes. Built for moshpits. Cheers!

  8. Reece Hoskinson says:

    I’ll be rocking an awesome band tshirt (all dependant on mood and weather) and some comfy yet colourful shorts to get the festivities started.

  9. Hayden power says:

    Clothes probably

  10. Tim earnshaw says:

    Lee grey singlet, blue wrangler shorts cigarette strech denim and black havians easy!

  11. Bryn butler says:

    Clothes of some sort. Probably summery.

  12. Rory Petersen says:

    I’m almost certain I would be wearing be wearing red bandana (for old school Pearl Jam), some silly shaped sunnies (make Snoop Lizzle feel the love), some high top bball kicks (in case Diplo or Mac Miller catch a glimpse of me losing my mind dancing at Major Lazer) and an obscure indie band shirt (so that the hipsters don’t critique the rest of my outfit when I want to watch Arcade Fire). Got it covered Xpress, don’t worry 😉

  13. Belinda Hoy says:

    I’ll be wearing shorts and a loose singlet because it’s going to be so damn hot! The weather and the music!!

  14. hat sunnies shorts tshirt and sensible shoes van’s prob. dressed to dance hard and sun safe 🙂

  15. I will be wearing a big pink X costume with a Joe Cipriani wig.

  16. My Evil Twin IN THE MIX Shift Dress with my White Arizona Birkenstocks. Accessories: Wayfarer’s, Nixon Time Teller And Rubi Woo MAC lippy.

  17. Bianca Bonakey says:

    Would be a awesome experience haven’t been to one in over 10 years

  18. Lance McMahon says:


  19. tracy baker says:

    Shorts and Pearl Jam tshirt

  20. I will wear my pearl jam t shirt and a wig with the Oz colors!

  21. Same as every single BDO in Perth. Still fits.

  22. Adam carrel says:

    NOT a onsie !!!

  23. will be wearing purple hair & comfy boots – everything else is irrelevant ( :

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