Eurovision 2022: Who Should You Place Your Bets On?

Year in and year out, more than 180 million people tune in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest where singers from every nation exercise the power of their voice to represent their home country. In 2022, Eurovision will be held in Italy who already has a track record of hosting the event, once in 1965 and another time in 1991. The previous locations were Naples and Rome, but the most recent one is yet to be determined.

The candidates are lining up – who will you be betting on?

It’s no secret that Eurovision is immensely popular all around the globe, especially in Australia. This is evident by the fact that every year people gather to watch it live, whether it be at home with their families or as part of an organized outdoor event. According to Ipsos, 63% of survey respondents in Europe and Australia claim to have watched it at least once, and 94% have already heard of it. Given how its popularity is growing year by year, this hardly comes as a surprise.

With more than 41 nations lining up to represent their national colors, the question remains: who is the most likely candidate to win it all? As we take an in-depth look at the numbers and the layout of what we believe to be the most deserving candidates, all you need to do is study up on the best betting sites in Australia and find the one that will fit your betting needs and give you the best odds. So when the time finally comes, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

This is even more true right now when bookies are polishing up on their offerings in anticipation of the big event. After all, they want your business, and will be doing their part to get lots of people through the door. In concrete numbers, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Switzerland were the top 3 favorites to win in 2020. The bookies gave them various odds to win, ranging anywhere from 5.0 to 6.5. In 2021, Italy, France, and Malta were the top 3 favorites, with odds ranging anywhere from 2.8 to 6.0, depending on the bookie.

The likely candidates

With this out of the way, let’s look at what we believe are the most likely candidates to win Eurovision 2022:


Over the years, Norway’s average placement has been 16th, which signals the country is a strong contender overall. Note that, looking at the data gathered since 2010, the median placement for the winner is 18th place, with Ukraine and Portugal being the only exceptions to the norm. Since Norway has managed to win the contest three times, this alone makes it one of the strongest contenders to take down Eurovision 2022.


Azerbaijan took it down two times since 2010, and we all know that success is more due to habit rather than sheer luck. In 2018, it only fell a hair short of making to the top 10. Even so, looking at the previous half a decade, Azerbaijan’s average performance lands at 18th place. It doesn’t take much to see that a bet on Azerbaijan is one of the smartest moves you can make.


Although historical patterns seem to suggest that a victory following a second placement is rather unlikely, France has all the numbers backing it up to be placing among the highest rated contenders. This is supported by the fact that the country has an average placement of 10th over the years, making the bet a no-brainer.


Historically speaking, Belgium has always remained one of the strongest contenders, averaging at 19th place over the span of its 5 most recent appearances. Although it hasn’t been able to claim the big title since 1986, keep your eyes peeled for Belgium this year, as it has all the potential to come in a swoop.


Although Sweden did not put up a convincing show in 2021, we have to look at the averages for a more accurate assessment. In this case, looking at the last 5 years, Sweden’s performance averages out at an impressive 7th place. Even prior to its victory in 2015, its average placement in a similar period of time was 9th. The only argument that speaks against it is the statistical fact that winning three times in a single decade is unlikely for any country. Nonetheless, Sweden remains a strong contender to win Eurovision 2022.


The fact that Israel’s five contest average is 16th place immediately places the country on our radar. However, winning twice in the timespan of a decade is against the odds, with Sweden being the only country that managed to pull off such a feat. Also, bear in mind that the juries granted zero points to Israel in 2019, which also happens to be a year when Sweden made a very strong appearance at the Scandinavian film festival. While not a mistake by any means, do proceed with a fair amount of caution if you’re going to be betting on Israel.


Straight off the gate, Cryprus’ placement over the recent five contests averages out at 15th place, which goes right along with the winners’ narrative. However, looking at other recent Eurovision winners suggests that a large portion of them actually fail to qualify for the final at least a single time over a span of the most recent five appearances. Cyprus does not meet the criteria. It might blow things out of the water in 2022 regardless, but probability-wise, it’s probably not the safest pick.


Since Serbia’s recent-five-contest placement averages out at 20th place, this could be another sleeping giant that’s bound to surprise in 2022. However, nothing definitive can be said about it, as they have scored all over the place in the recent couple of years. A strong candidate nonetheless, but you should probably place the majority of your chips on another contender.

Get ready for Eurovision 2022!


So who will win Eurovision 2022? It’s all still on the table and subject to change. But at the time of writing, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland have the highest odds. To keep yourself in the loop, it’s best to head on over to your favorite platform and get it in when you get a good deal. All in all, there’s more than a fair share of promising candidates lining up to claim the Eurovision crown, so your best judgment is your greatest asset. Do you think we’ve left someone out unfairly? Then reach out to us and let us know!

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