EARLY BIRD MC Ultra-Truism gets 7/10

Early Bird MC


Remember when music told narratives? When the everyday tableaus of regular folks were woven into musical poetry that was both accessible and relatable? If you yearn for music which speaks to this experience then give Ultra-Truism a listen. Early Bird MC’s debut album, out October 21, harkens listeners back to an era where 90s rap and rhythm reigned supreme with quick-witted, catchy bars which reflect the experience of 21st Century Blues’ that many Australians face.

Each track invites us deeper into the life of this aspiring artist and welcomes us with poignant realism wrapped in a fresh and unique kaleidoscope of sound. Thematically the album centres itself around struggle, hopefulness and achievement that is cut from the cloth of an Australian lifestyle.

Ultra-Truism is Early Bird MC’s debut studio album and thus sets a precedent for what we expect in the future regarding his style. Sound-wise the album jumps from upbeat and jivey, such as the tracks Ganja Bus and Get Amongst It, to soulful and melodic such as 21st Century Blues and Tonight. The album has much to offer if you are looking for a diverse range of well-produced songs that tells a story arc of striving for success.

The core themes differ between each song and the tracks may present themselves as either poignant and complex or light-hearted and hopeful. Early Bird found a way to create an album which paints a distinct, and dare I say familiar, experience which when listened to consecutively demonstrates how albums can form a series of stories that weave together. Due to being a conceptual album in nature, the songs require a commitment from listeners to run through each track a few times to fully appreciate the overall story being told.

This is a surprisingly well-done debut album from a relative newcomer, with narratives wrapped in polished beats that stay with you after the music stops.


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