DATURA4 Going Back To Hoonsville gets 9/10


Going Back To Hoonsville
Alive NaturalSound Records


The worst kept secret in Western Australia’s music scene, Dom Mariani’s Datura4, rev back into our faces with this high-octane muscle car of a single ahead of fifth album, Neanderthal Jam, which is due out Monday, August 5.

Datura4 have been lauded by practically every purveyor of fine rockin’ boogie the world has ever seen, from Little Steven to Rolling Stone magazine in the US, Vive Le Rock and Kerrang! magazines in the UK, and The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers and us at X-Press Magazine right here in WA.

It’s easy to see why – Going Back To Hoonsville is an exemplary hand clapping, foot stomping, hair shaking, rock n’ roll boogie on its own, amplified above the red line by secret weapon, legendary West Oz slide guitarist Dave Hole, whose playing chucks a six minute-and-one-glorious second burnout through the speakers.

Mariani – the powerhouse singer, guitarist and songwriter behind The Stems, The DM3, The Someloves, The Majestic Kelp, the list goes on – has always had a one-in-a-million knack with melody, and even though Datura4 crank their amps into the ear bleed zone like a turbo-charged hot rod, their eminent catchiness is as addictive and undeniable as an intravenous glucose drip.

The feedback and slide-drenched boogie of Going Back To Hoonsville is as catchy as COVID, neanderthally heavy, and as relentless as the desert highway car chase this song will undoubtedly be soundtracking in some yet-to-be-written movie sooner rather than later.