DANIEL JOHNS Announces FutureNever solo album

Posted to his official Facebook page this week, Daniel Johns has asked the curious question, “Who is following me into the FutureNever?” followed by “April 1st, 2022. New album, new merch, new website. Pre-order now.”

Attached to the post is a letter to his fanbase and a stylised 3D image of Johns with light emanating from the cracks, eluding that this is the artwork for the new album cover.

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The letter thanks fans for following his podcast “Who is Daniel Johns?” and describes the details of a new solo album and how he will be releasing it on his own label, “on his own terms.”

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“This time I’m doing things on my own terms, FutureNever is the first album I will be releasing on my own label via a new global deal with my friends at BMG,” he said.”FutureNever is a place where your past, present and future collide – in the FutreNever the quantum of your past experiences becomes your superpower. The experiences of the podcast has helped me make peace with my past and I’m ready to tackle this new world bravely.”

The post also contains a link, futurenever.art, where fans can pre-order the album and merch or pre-save or pre-add the album to Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. The letter goes on to describe the site as an ever-evolving, interactive platform where he will be releasing special material leading up to the album. New merch will also become available along with a special limited edition vinyl bundle where fans can have their name or the name of a loved one engraved on the vinyl.

He ends with the statement, “I know I have a tendency to go missing – but I’m back now.”

Daniel Johns has announced his new solo album to be titled FutureNever is out Friday, April 1, 2022. FutureNever is available for pre-order now.





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