BERNIE DIETER Underground lover

After bringing debauchery, hilarity and subversion to FRINGE WORLD for several years with the popular Little Death Club, German kabarett superstar Bernie Dieter will grace Perth once again. Her ground-breaking new show, Berlin Underground, is set to transport audiences into a dark and defiant den of iniquity in a “secret location” within Crown Perth from Tuesday, November 17 to Sunday, December 13.
Dieter teased details of her immersive show to BRAYDEN EDWARDS, promising a performance that will be as transgressive as it is intriguing.

How have managed to maintain a spirit of fun during 2020?

Gin. Staying in touch with all my beautiful carnie friends via Zoom. Writing songs. Singing songs loudly on YouTube karaoke. Cooking strange recipes from 80s cookbooks. But mainly gin.

Your shows at FRINGE WORLD have been consistently popular for some years now. What’s the most unusual way you have heard someone describe your performances? 

I was once described as a cross between Marlene Dietrich, Sally Bowles – if she had self-respect, and Kate Bush on speed which I loved!

And for those familiar with you, how is Berlin Underground different from other previous shows they might have seen?

It is a whole immersive night darling! Crown have allowed me to create my ideal, top secret kabarett club and we have designed the venue from the ground up. The night begins when you get a little text from me revealing the secret location of our “stage door,” where you meet one of our gorgeous queens who will sneak you in through her dressing room to the club.

Does having this at Crown open up new opportunities for the show you might not have been able to pull off in a Spiegeltent?

Absolutely. Designing the venue from the ground up means that we have been able to really create the world of the show, from the cabaret posters on the walls, to the costumes in the dressing room, to the red lights and the haze and the neon signs. Everything has been crafted and made specifically for us so we can transport the audience to the Berlin Underground – the hottest cabaret club in town.

What kind of debauchery might you see in Perth that you wouldn’t even find in Berlin?

This is why I love Perth! You guys love the filth. You are up for everything. In regards to the show I can’t give too much away my darlings, but there will be gender bending and contortion and aerial acrobatics and nudity and hilarity…and to be honest some things that are probably too rude to write down!

For what it’s worth given the uncertain times, do you have more plans for this show and a return to Perth anytime soon?

In these times I think the key is to be ready for anything. We do have some great plans to tour the show, and you will never be able to keep me away from Perth for too long! But with the ever-changing world right now no one really knows. There are some scary things happening in the world right now, which is why I think shows like this that celebrate diversity, togetherness and difference are so important. I think the key is to be ready to adapt, be ready to go for it, and most importantly to always have a fully stocked gin bar.

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