APEX PREDATOR @ Ice Cream Factory gets 7/10

Apex Predator 
@ Ice Cream Factory

Friday, January 24, 2020


Elizabeth Davie is a FRINGE WORLD award-winner, and after attending a performance of Apex Predator at Fringe hotspot Ice Cream Factory, it’s easy to see why.

In a world that often makes one feel unsafe to openly declare they are a feminist, and pained by the unacceptably high statistics of violence against women, Davie dares to speak out. And speak out she does, in a terrifying, but explicitly poignant fashion. She has created a performance piece that explores the depths of the fear and anger that many women feel, have felt, or will feel, toward predatory men. This is expressed through clowning and physical comedy that reverts the power balance, placing women as the Apex Predator, the top of the food chain, as it were. Not content with standard dark comedy and subliminal messages, she delves into depths untouched by many, and boldly steps forward to say “No, this is not okay.”

Davie discovered her inner-clown at clown school, where she was introduced to her notorious alter-ego, Lucretia Macintosh. Lucretia is the manifestation of Davie’s fears and anger toward predatory men in society, and her attempt to reclaim the power that has been stripped from many women.

Lucretia is sweet, child-like, absolutely hilarious, animated always, and 100% certifiably insane. As she dances around the small, bare stage in her maroon Doc Martins, blue formal dress, shroud of maroon feathers, and fingers adorned with comically large gems, she introduces herself to the audience. She does not fear the gym, the park, or dark alleys because she is an Apex Predator, and the disembowelment of predatory men is her game. Laughing manically, she mimes a scenario in which she tears limbs from predators in the shopping centre, as the lights flash red. Another predator is decapitated, and the audience is encouraged to interact with the skit in a humorous manner, as Lacretia clasps her hands together gleefully, eyes wide, teeth bared as intoxicating delight emanates from her. More predators are murdered, in a multitude of ways, and the audience laughs at Lucretia’s collection of quips and slapstick comedy throughout the set.

It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and Davie is understanding of this. Most patrons seemed to enjoy the show, though, they were prepared for something unusual, and unusual is certainly what they got. Davie herself is an absolute delight of a woman who is incredibly passionate about her art, and the story she is telling through Lucretia’s questionable antics. Her commitment to her character, and the ability to make crazy seem cute, is an undeniable talent.

If you enjoy performances by homicidal female clowns, and are up for something a bit weird this Fringe, hit up Apex Predator for 50 minutes filled with fun and insanity.


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