There’s a lot in a name and when it comes to The Collaborative Music so much is said. Formed by songwriter/guitarist Appie Ken after he moved from Perth to Sydney, The Collaborative Music brings together musicians from Perth, Sydney and Melbourne with a shared vision of collaboration, exemplified on their debut EP Frozen Crystal, featuring four tracks of lush and atmospheric indie rock ballads. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Appie Ken to find out why this is just the beginning of more big things to come for The Collaborative Music.

How did this project start and what was the motivation for it?

I was writing songs after playing in bands for years and moved over to Sydney from Perth. I had all these songs on demo but knew no one in Sydney. Through a chance meeting I saw a really cool band play at The Annandale and went outside after their set (they have disbanded since). The bass player of the band I saw had just come off the stage and I was getting some fresh air and struck up a conversation with her about how cool her band was out the front. It so happens we got talking more and had very similar tastes. Then I got more involved in the Sydney music scene and met a few musicians who had also moved from Perth to Sydney and said “I got these songs what do you reckon? You wanna hit the studio?” so we did!

And how would you say you are different from other bands?

I think structurally we are different in the sense that it is a collaborative and each release you will hear more and more musicians from across the country from different genres. We are hitting the studio next week already for our follow up single which we are pretty excited about!

What artists do you feel shaped your sound the most and why?

Definitely Suzie Higgie and her band Falling Joys got me into playing guitar as well as Marty Wilson-Piper from The Church. I listen to everything from Explosions in the Sky to Slayer so open to trying anything out really. But if I had to cull it down to two bands, they are Falling Joys and The Replacements, Paul Westerberg is a living legend.

What’s the story behind your new EP Frozen Crystal and what was it about these tracks that made you want to release them together?

I was listening a lot to Explosions in the Sky and Jeff Buckley as well as Falling Joys and really wanted to release tracks that meld all three. Luckily I found the right collaborators who are super cool people on a personal level as well as great musicians!

And is there anything tying the EP together either lyrically or thematically?

It all starts with writing the guitar parts first then the vocal lines and lyrics come after.

I noticed the proceeds for this release are going to a good cause as well?

Yeah Red Cross Blood Services are great, I donated blood this year and really felt a connection with what they do. It feels tangible when you give blood as you know that it has a direct impact on the quality of life of someone.

And is there any new music on the horizon? And what direction do you feel your sound will be taking on future releases?

Yes we are hitting the studio next week now that COVID restrictions have lifted! The next release should be soon! Thanks for the chat!

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