TELLETUBBYLAND Get ready for big hugs

Get ready for big hugs! A real-life Telletubbyland set is coming to Perth and everyone is invited to an exclusive event inside the Teletubbies Home Dome.

As the sun-baby on the horizon giggles, you’ll be treated to 90-minutes of joyful Teletubbies-themed fun in an elaborately decorated venue.

Guests can sip on a Tubby Custard cocktail and nibble some Tubby Toast listening to the DJ spin 90s throwbacks while you keep your eyes open to spot the Teletubbies in person.

Tickets include access to 90 minutes inside the bar, a themed cocktail (or mocktail) on arrival, nostalgic fun and games, Tubby surprises and more.

Telletubbyland is coming to a secret location in Perth from Sunday, July 31 until Saturday, December 31, 2022. For more info and to buy tickets, head to explorehidden.com

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