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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If you can imagine The Curiosity Show with more rock ‘n’ roll and dick jokes, plus a bit of burlesque thrown in for good measure (but only a bit), you’ve got a fair idea of he charms inherent in Sexy Science.

Brought to us by Shitting Kittens, the team behind the Perth incarnation of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Sexy Science sees cohosts Dimity Magnus and Steve Hughes lead the audience through a variety of short skits and experiments, riffing on ideas about chemistry, evolution, attraction and more.

It’s actually a fairly ambitious production, with lots of props and costume changes. At one point Magnus steals the show as an adorably amorous tardigrade or water bear, the microscopic mascot of wonderful and weird science. At another, Hughes dons an ape costume for an extended bit of business on evolution, eventually becoming a monkey in a monkey suit to demonstrate that we maybe haven’t drifted too far from our simian forebears.

If anything, it may be a touch too ambitious a show – it’s certainly a bit ragged around the edges and it doesn’t flow as well from one skit to the next as perhaps it could. However, that’s something that will come with time. All the ingredients are present and correct for a fun night – it’s just getting them all moving in concert that’s the trick. Still, it’s a fun and frivolous evening’s entertainment. Recommended.





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