RIP JOEY JORDISON Founding Slipknot drummer dies aged 46

Nathan Jonas
 “Joey” Jordison, founding member and original drummer of the world-renowned metal band Slipknot has died aged 46. A representative of his family said he died “peacefully in his sleep” but did not specify a cause of death.

Jordison was a musician and songwriter, recording and co-writing some of Slipknot’s most well-known albums and tracks. He was also the guitarist for the horror-punk band Murderdolls. Jordison’s time with Slipknot ended in 2013 as a result of health implications.

Joey suffered from the degenerative disease, acute transverse myelitis, with symptoms first showing in 2010. The disease temporarily cost him the use of his legs. He recovered with the aid of medical help and intensive work in the gym.

Outside of his major projects, Jordison has performed with other metal groups such as Rob Zombie, Metallica, Korn, Ministry, Otep and Satyricon.

Tributes are flooding social media in the wake of the news, with Slipknot blacking out their profile photos in respect to Jordison.

Best known for his insanely fast blast-beats and on-stage theatrics, Jordison will be remembered by music fans around the world for shaping modern metal.

American musician Joey Jordison formerly of Slipknot and Murderdolls has passed away aged 46.


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