Review: South Summit’s ‘Tales of the Yeti’

South Summit
Tales of the Yeti

Fast rising Perth band South Summit have released their new EP Tales of The Yeti.

The EP explores the diverse influences that have shaped the young band to date. With a range of different styles and genres running through its six tracks, it’s another big step forward for the group who have let their sound grow organically through consistent recording and performing.

As South’s Summit’s Nehemiah Reuben put it, the five-piece were “building musically from what we had previously done before," with the new release showing “what we’re capable of when playing music.” Band member Josh Trindall shared that excitement about the release, saying the EP “was a special one” and that “every song has its own journey and process.”

Following the trend of previously released songs I Feel it, Just Like You, and Tuned In, every song on Tales of The Yeti has a very unique feel to it, yet they all they fit together perfectly.

The new EP will no doubt be another boost for South Summit’s growing popularity. With 2.5 million streams online to date, they are accumulating a large fanbase for a West Australian band!

In celebration of the EP release, South Summit have also announced the Running from the Yeti tour. Following headline shows in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand, South Summit will wrap up the run of dates with a hometown show at Rosemount Hotel on Friday, November 24.

Tales of The Yeti showcases an exciting amount of growth for South Summit and the talent of the music scene that is erupting out of WA.