NECTAR Find A New Friend gets 6/10

Find a New Friend
Tone City Records


On their fifth single Find a New Friend, Perth four-piece Nectar have encapsulated the same groovy sound as their previous releases but with some new elements intertwined.

The song mixes in soul and funk, drawing from the likes of Tame Impala, with electric keyboard enhancing the energy. The lyrics are vivid and relatable, speaking about getting out of a bad relationship.

Find A New Friend is a toxic tale from beginning to end of an obstructive relationship where with its close you realise the only healthy thing to do was move on,” said the band, describing how they built the music up to the song’s climax where the person finally “moves on.”

“When compared to its content and more satiated counterpart “Found A New Friend,” you can start to see how things can change for the better after you leave an obstructive relationship, and the light that can bloom in your life from that person,” they said.

This makes for a feel good song with a deeper meaning that brings it to that next level.

Nectar have just signed onto Perth’s Tone City Records and are growing under the influence of Sam Ford (Supathick, DICE, Romeo Walker). This signing is hopefully going to lead to bigger things as their sound keeps getting sweeter with songs as good as this one.


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