MATTY T WALL Off the wall

With a string of sold-out shows already across June and July, WA blues firebrand Matty T Wall has now announced his first-ever headline appearance at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday, August 7. The show will feature support from Old Blood and The Vibrolators with DJ Bee Rizzi on the decks.

“The Rosemount Hotel is a bit of an icon to me in the Perth scene,” Matty T Wall said. “So being my first show there it’s really going to be a bit special.”

This year has already flung Matty T Wall some outrageous slings and arrows. The good fortune part of that occurred in March when he won the Blues Category of the WAM Awards. “That took me by surprise a little bit,” he said, “it was a bit unexpected, but it was great to get that sort of appreciation. It really felt nice.”

The misfortune part, occurred when Matty T Wall incurred a serious spinal injury at his home whilst transporting and chopping wood for the approaching winter. All gigs at the time were cancelled and he’s since been in a rehabilitation process, with daily exercises, stretches, water therapy, acupuncture, and cycling the order of the day. He’s got a ways to go, but the good news is that Matty has recovered enough to perform shows again.

“It’ll be a relief to play again,” he said. “And it will be joyful – like, there’s no other word to describe that. It’s just going to be joyful that I can get up and play again. In the first couple weeks of having an injury you really do think to yourself, ‘is this permanent? This could be permanent.’ You can really freak out a little bit. So yeah, it’ll be really joyful.”

Fans of Matty T Wall know that he has an enviable collection of guitars and favours a Gibson SG onstage. Due to the back injury he’ll require a lighter weight instrument, but by no means light in terms of sound. “I’ve settled on a semi-hollow-body Gibson ES345 guitar from 1961-62,” he says. “It’s a beautiful old thing that sounds incredible. I’ll be playing that, and I’ve not actually played a gig with that guitar yet, but it sounds so good and I’m sure it’s going to go down very well.”

Matty T Wall has just played a slew of sold-out gigs at The Ellington and The Duke of George (a double-header), with tickets selling fast for a show at Lyrics Underground on Saturday, July 17.

Matty T Wall, has now announced his first-ever headline appearance at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday, August 7. Tickets are available via Oztix.


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