MATT GRESHAM Head in the game

Rockingham’s own Matt Gresham is set to return to the stage this Friday, March 19 for a performance with his full band at Astor Theatre. After spending the last few years living in Europe and touring internationally with the likes of James Arthur and Guy Sebastian, this will be many locals fans first opportunity to catch new material from the homegrown talent. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Matt Gresham to chat about everything from getting his first job, how hip hop music is shaping his sound, to doing shots with the Pussycat Dolls and what he is looking forward to most about being back on stage again.

As someone who tours and performs so consistently the last year must have been quite different for you, how did you spend your time?

I got my first job. I now am a musician and a salesman. It’s been strange. I do miss the touring and the time in between in the weird countries, the growing of my heart in cities I don’t know. The unknown can be comfortable, it depends how you look at it. I’ve always loved getting lost in strange places like Berlin.

You have toured internationally with the likes of Guy Sebastian and James Arthur and worked with artists from all kinds of genres. What was the most surprising situation you have ever found yourself in during your music career to date?

I think the most surprising situation would have to be that people who are in small places have bigger egos. I remember meeting James Arthur at the Shepherd’s Bush bar and Nicole (Scherzinger) from the Pussycat Dolls shouted me a shot and I was chilling with the guys from One Direction. Those boys were straight up gentlemen. Then fast forward to two years later. I’ve now got back into the music writing groove and I think I might be on a winner with some of these tunes.

How do you feel your music has changed since the last time we might have seen you live, and what are you looking forward to most about bringing new songs to the stage?

I think travelling and mixing with different artists has changed me. Like meeting new friends with new ideas. I got the band fired up. Check Who Am I Now for examples. And shout out to Nathan Parsons, Lil Peep and 5 Past for inspiring me this year. They have helped to reform some of my music.

Who else have you enlisted to bring this into the live setting, and why was Astor Theatre a fitting venue for the occasion?

I wanted to bring Perth’s finest. Chris Murphy is at the top in my opinion. Also, I’ve always been a massive hip hop head. I now have found confidence in heading in that direction.

What have you been listening to lately that you think has been influencing the style of music you make, or want to make?

I have been revisiting some of my past tracks, Lil Peep and heaps of music produced by the don, “40” (Drake’s producer), Jarryd James, Ben Harper and Ben Harper.

And what’s next for you for the rest of the year? Given it’s quite hard to plan anything in these uncertain times, are you leaving a few options open? 

Next for me is to get back into doing live shows. I’m really looking forward to playing this show on March 19 with my live band. It’s Game On! I’m also writing my new studio album, it’s super exciting for me. No label, just straight feelings. I just want to play live and I’m grateful for every new day.

It’s rare to find a photo of you where you don’t have a guitar in your hand and music seems to be the way you naturally express yourself. If you were to sum up how you are feeling now as one guitar chord what would it be and why?

Cm7. This chord flows with my voice. I look forward to seeing you all at the Astor Theatre!

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