GRATITUDE GALLERY Unearthing creativity and hope

Raine Square
have announced they are continuing their partnerships with local community organisations, Uniting WA and UneARThed, to exhibit the Gratitude Gallery in January 2022.

UneARThed is a social enterprise that aims to reduce stigma associated homelessness in Perth with a portfolio of artists who currently, or have previously, experienced homelessness. Since January this year, it’s been reported the number of people experiencing homelessness in Perth has increased by 58 per cent. Between Thursday, January 13 and Sunday, February 6, the Gratitude Gallery will feature works from five local artists supported by UneARThed.

The exhibition includes “behind the piece” and “behind the artist” biographies next to their respective hanging artworks, creating a platform to support and to celebrate passion without prejudice.

Interim Uniting WA Co-CEO, Michael Chester said Uniting WA are proud to continue their ongoing union with Raine Square. “The partnership between Uniting WA, Raine Square and UneARThed is a wonderful example of the power of creativity, innovation and collaboration to create a more inclusive society, where individuals and communities are more valued and connected,” he said.

With an importance of raising awareness on societal issues and challenges of homelessness in our city this community engagement initiative, seeks to encourage understanding and compassion with QR codes placed around the precinct and upon the gallery exhibition. With every scan, Raine Square donates $1 to Uniting WA.

UneARThed project lead Esther Koomson said they are delighted to be featured in the upcoming Gratitude Gallery street art exhibition. “It’s an incredible opportunity for our artists to engage with the community and to be celebrated in their passion for creating artwork as a means of expression. This gallery further solidifies our partnership with Raine Square and highlights the commitment both enterprises have for raising awareness on the stigma surrounding homelessness, to remember gratitude and compassion towards all,” she said.

Hosting a cultural display with a devotion to self-expression, Raine Square seek to pursue bravery and speak the unspoken, giving voice to our most vulnerable community members. Raine Square Marketing Manager, Megan Biddle said the team are incredibly passionate to support this amazing initiative and raise awareness for this important cause with an enlightening exhibition in centre. “Raine Square is so proud to be connecting with such meaningful local organisations with a shared goal to serve sincerely, honour generosity and unselfishly devote to a ‘better together’ community,” she said.

The Gratitude Gallery Exhibition runs daily from Thursday, January 13 to Sunday, February 6 in Raine Square, in Raine Lane opposite Cabinet Noir. 

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