FILM: Rooftop Movies

Photo: Jarrad SengIf you haven’t ventured to Rooftop Movies yet you’ve got until Saturday, April 12 to check out whole bunch of films and special screenings and events. Melbourne-based Kinotopia will present two events next month where they’ll mix some silent films with contemporary soundtracks including Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid set to a soundtrack by Sigur Ros on Friday, March 7. For the full program and tickets head to: rooftopmovies.com.au and to win yourself a double pass for the rest of the season (excluding special events), to be in the running to win subscribe to X-Press Shout-Out, and email: [email protected]


  1. Audrey Wong says:

    Never had the privilege of watching a Charlie Chaplin film; love the music by Sigur Ros so it’d be interesting to see the two together.

  2. Been to the Rooftop Movies once before to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time which was cool as was the venue. Would be awesome to go again!

  3. kelly iveson says:


  4. Chloe Massarotto says:

    please let me win something.

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