DVD: You’re Next

You'reNextBilled as one of the most terrifying slasher films in years, You’re Next stars Home & Away’s Sharni Vinson and it’s all about a gang of masked, axe-wielding murderers who descend upon the Davison family reunion… but they pick the wrong family to target. Director Adam Wingard says it’s a “home invasion bloodbath” that mixes chilling horror with some wicked black humour, but it’s perhaps not for the faint-hearted. To win of 10 copies on DVD, subscribe to X-Press shout-out, and email: [email protected]


  1. james pizzey says:

    looks good

  2. Dereck Pettit says:

    looks awesome

  3. Dereck Pettit says:

    Nice Film

  4. ray barnes says:

    Slash and go the latest in fast living

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