Delilah Rose Video Premiere: ‘Bitch Fizz’

Delilah Rose has just released the brand new video for her latest single, Bitch Fizz. 

Complete with roller skates, sequins, disco balls and moxie to boot, the 70s-inspired Bitch Fizz video is jammed full of rock ‘n’ roll fun. It was filmed and edited by Tashi Hall and stars the All-Star Ladies of Rock, Siobhan Cotchin and a fabulous team of skaters.

“This is the title track to the album,” said Delilah Rose. “Moxie means force of character, determination, or nerve, which I used to get from alcohol. But post-childbearing, it’s not something that agrees with me anymore and I’m two years sober. Bitch Fizz is a nod to the buzz I get from achieving things. Getting up in the morning with no hangover and getting shit done. It’s also a slang term for champagne, or sparkling wine, depends what you can afford!” 

Bitch Fizz was produced by veteran producer Noah Shilkin and co-produced by Delilah Rose, recorded at Foxhole Studios with renowned engineer Chad Blondel, and mastered by the award-winning, James Newhouse.

Delilah Rose will celebrate the release of Bitch Fizz with one last live show in WA before moving to the east coast. She will be joined by her All-Star Ladies of Rock for the performance, along with special guests Rose Parker Band and Jocelyn’s Baby at Lyric’s Underground on Friday, June 16.

Check out the video for Delilah Rose’s Bitch Fizz below. Delilah Rose and the All-Star Ladies of Rock play Lyrics Underground on Friday, June 16, 2023. For more info and to buy tickets, head to