CHAMPAGNE SHOWGIRLS @ Royale Theatre gets 8.5/10

Champagne Showgirls Presents; Risque Business
@ Royale Theatre

Saturday, December 4, 2021


The Champagne Showgirls once again, delivered the goods of their modern, sexy variety act of cabaret, burlesque, dance, circus and live music on Saturday, December 4 to a sold-out crowd at the Royale Theatre. Winners of Australia’s Best Burlesque Production 2020 (X AWARDS) and voted The Best Cabaret and Variety Show (Fringe World 2021), the Champagne ensemble treated Perth to a night of delight!

After their last show run, Cabaret Cheek at Air nightclub in October, the latest iteration Risque Business saw the show in a bigger venue, the newly opened Royale Theatre. Decked out with plenty of seating options and a bigger stage to frolic on, the audience was greeted by showgirls at the door, with music and projected visuals to build anticipation for the acts to come.

MC for the night, Aria, adorned all in blue, warmed up the crowd with her naughty sense of humor and gave them their very important job for the night. To make noise, yell, scream, and the rest of it, to the performers whose talent we couldn’t wait to see.

The stage then welcomed the opening act with Champagne and Gigi Go Bang, with their sunglasses, suitcases and dance to impress! Gold metal fringing on black costumes, complete with a cheeky g-string will never disappoint an audience. Taking out their boas as a nod to classic burlesque style, the girls were then accompanied on stage by saxophonist, Lachie. This was a classy introduction to the night’s entertainment followed by the rest of the cast being welcomed to the stage.

From a cheeky sneak peek, straight to the operatic vocals of MC Aria, who blended the Gnarls Barkley song Crazy with her harmonic disposition. This next act demonstrated the mix of old and new and how the Champagne Showgirls are keeping with cabaret traditions. Unfortunately a stray purple laser light made watching this act quite uncomfortable for the crowd, who wanted to see the singer in lights and not themselves.

It was now time for some circus artistry! Matthew Pope and his muscles took to the trapeze and twirled and entwined himself till the audience was in awe. With the mix of the saxophone jazz and the background film of fast cars, the senses were given a treat with this fine specimen of a man. His banter with the audience got the crowd going with the yells and screams that they demonstrated to Aria at the start of the show.

Next was a bonus for the night, the Head Over Heels graduation routine with the head shaking Dolly Parton song kicking them off onto the stage. These first-time performers stripped down and danced hard with attitude. They looked great all in sync and we wish them all the best for their future dance adventures!

Champagne was next for her signature act, sultrily removing her layers down to a glittering red and black two piece while Aria sung a White Stripes anthem along to the act. Treating the audience with her visual delights, Champagne then took to her sparkling champagne bowl and spun and finessed herself in delight with the fizzy drink.

Nevio treated us to his black hooded act, showing his brute strength with his acrobatics. Eventually revealing the cutest harness outfit complete with black angel wings, followed by more audience shenanigans from Aria, but the audience was now ready for a pole spectacular. The two pole performers Amy and Rachelle quickly entranced the audience with their carefully curated and executed sexy pole routine and it was clear to see why they are champions in the field.

Champagne then took to her lyra hoop casting the naughtiest of shadows followed by Matthew Pope again with some hands down the best boylesque moves this side of the equator. Nevio and GiGi Go Bang wowed the crowd with their Bonnie and Clyde dance aerial act which was a great note to finish the night on. It summed up the Champagne Showgirl’s classic entertainment style reminiscent of old Hollywood mixed with the raunchy modern world.

It’s great to see variety across so many talents in one show, especially when they look as hot as the Risque Business crew! Make sure you check them out for their upcoming Fringe shows A ménage ā trois and Cabaret Cheek.





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