War Room Stories

Shock Records


In the space of two quick years, the London-based Breton have not only managed to extend and morph their electronic roots into a combination of indie-pop and dance, but the five-piece have composed layered masterpieces. Moving away from the London-based BretonLABS, the band headed out to Funkhaus, an old communist-propaganda radio station in Berlin, to record some War Room Stories.

Their sophomore effort was more then anyone could’ve expected. Excelling in its attention to detail and planning, Breton incorporated the 44-piece Macedonian Symphony Orchestra into many of the LP’s tracks to produce their most poppy and atmospheric sound to date.

Whether it’s the punchy, crescendo of brass in Legs & Arms, the oozing bass and driving synth in Get Well Soon or the pumping violins and shimmering lead guitar in Closed Category; the band have incorporated musical magic into radio-friendly and body-grooving tunes. Breton have found a way to not only rejuvenate their sound, adding more dimensions and refined production, but they have managed to maintain the flow of momentum produced from their first LP Other People’s Problems.



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