BAD WHIP Jazz from a different angle

Perth International Jazz Festival is celebrating its return in 2021 with a program launch party at The Rechabite Hall on Thursday, September 23 (get more info and tickets here). While the special event will reveal the jazz artists, venues, and special events happening at the annual festival, it will also feature live performances of its own on the night lead by Bad Whip, the improvisational dance music duo of drummer Alex Reid and keyboardist Josiah Padmanabhan from prominent Perth outfit, Grievous Bodily Calm. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Alex Reid to find out more about the duo, and what they are looking forward to most from Perth International Jazz Festival 2021, as it takes over multiple venues in Perth from Friday, November 5 to Sunday, November 7.

While Bad Whip might be a new act, a lot of us might have seen you both on stage before. Where else might we recognise you from?

Josiah and I both play in Grievous Bodily Calm. We’ve been playing together in that band for around four or five years now and Bad Whip is a way for us to continue to create together from a different angle. Josiah also fronts his own band Gazey and has played with Katy Steele and Meg Mac. You might have seen me playing around town with my jazz trio or with artists such as Ben Witt and Tara Tiba.

How would you say Bad Whip’s music is different from what you have written or performed before?

Bad Whip’s definitely focused more in a techno direction compared to our other band. We use a drum machine as well as live drums and synths to spontaneously create dance music. Playing clubs and dance parties is a goal for us.

What do you enjoy the most about PIJF and is there anything in particular you are looking forward to this year?

Much like when anything is on in Perth and in the city/Northbridge, I enjoy the fact that arts and culture are being highlighted and exposed to the general public. I really enjoy checking out the different venues and variety of acts that PIJF program each year. It’s so awesome to see all the great artists in town playing across the city over one weekend.

What’s next for Bad Whip? Are we likely to see you on stage again in the future?

We’ve got a few cool gigs coming up including the Wave Rock Weekender festival in late September. Other than that we’ll definitely be knuckling down and sorting out a debut release.

Finally, if you were to have an improv jam with any musician ever who would it be and why?

This is such a tough one. We’ve both got such an array of influences and I’m sure the list could go on forever. We’re both huge Kate Bush fans – she is the epitome of genius in all aspects of her music. I’d love to see what an improvised session with her could create.

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