AN EVENING AT THE MUSEUM Lighting up Gosnells

Fringe World comes to the City of Gosnells this summer with An Evening at the Museum, an exclusive series of shows set in the picturesque surrounds of the Wilkinson Homestead Museum, Gosnells. The event will be bursting at the seams with fun-filled family entertainment, with four hours of non-stop performances over four evenings on the weekends of January 28 and 29; and February 4 and 5. BRAYDEN EDWARDS spoke to City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes to find out more.

It’s great to see Fringe come to Gosnells this year with An Evening at the Museum. How long has this series been in the works for?

We’ve hosted Fringe World shows at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre in the past but as this centre is being renovated, we had to think outside of the box this year. The grounds of our Wilkinson Homestead Museum are great for outdoor concert-style events and so An Evening at the Museum was born. It has been about three months in the making and is set to be the perfect night out for locals.

How were the performers chosen and what kinds of acts can we expect?

We work with a huge range of Perth performers as part of our annual programming, and so the City selected performers that would fit the theme of each night to give our audience the best experience and a range of different acts.

The events run for four nights over two weekends. Will each night be the same or will there be differences between them?

Each night is themed around a movie title and the performances fit with these themes.

On Friday, January 28 we have our 16+ youth-only event Young Guns, starting off with Tomas Ford’s Crap Rave Party, followed by the three finalists from the 2021 Gozzy Rock competition.

The following Saturday, January 29 we go Back to the Future in a trip through the decades, starting with a Wizard of Oz sing-along for the kids, a Blues Brothers Revue, hits of the 70s and 80s with The Godlemans and Rochelle O’Reilly, and The Feel Goods to finish with hits from the 90s to now.

On Friday, February 4 it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where everyone is invited to take a night off from the world and join us for laughs and good music. Cameron the Magician will open for the kids, followed by easy listening tunes from the Kevin Poppen duo, before it all ramps up with the Aardvark Jazz Band and The Sounds of Woodstock to round out the night.

On the final night of Saturday, February 5, get down to experience Pitch Perfect, one for theatre peeps or anyone who loves to sing. It all starts with a Disney sing-along, followed by the best of the musicals and your favourite movie tunes with the The Skelton Duo. The Rhythmos Choir wraps it up with a cappella tavern tunes, with big songs from The Lord of the Rings and other fantasy shows.

And is there anything in particular we should make sure we don’t miss out on?

There’s something for everyone over the four dates, so just pick your favourite and come on down. At $10 a ticket for four different acts on four different evenings, you could come to all of them.

What is the history of the Wilkinson Homestead Museum and what makes it a good setting for an event like this?

The property is located alongside the Canning River and was home to a number of families before the Wilkinson family arrived in 1905. They ran a very successful orchard before the property was sold, and it became the City’s museum in 1988. Today, the beautifully restored homestead is surrounded by well-kept gardens and large trees, making it ideal for outdoor movies and music events.

Beyond the entertainment on stage, what else can people enjoy at the event?

These are picnic-style BYO events, except for the youth night on January 28 which is alcohol free. We encourage families to bring dinner to enjoy while watching the performances and we’ll have food trucks on site for ice creams, coffee and snacks. There will also be guided walks through the museum and there’ll be time in the short intermissions to explore the grounds.

Are there any other events the City of Gosnells has lined up for the rest of the summer, and beyond, that we can look forward to?

The City’s Spring into Summer program is in full swing, with outdoor movies, Ghost Walks, a Chinese New Year celebration, Harmony Week Global Markets and Movie Night, and nonstop fun at our skateparks and youth centres. Our website and social media have all the details.

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