AJ’S BOX: COMING AGAIN Alien sexiness

After failing to leave our atmosphere, Andromeda Jellybean “but call me AJ,” returns to Fringe World this year to once again gather enough fuel to return home, but she needs our help! Get down to Girls School from Thursday, February 3 to Sunday, February 13 as she reveals why in AJ’s Box: Coming Again. KWANWOO HAN caught up with the AJ the Alien to find out what she’s been doing on Earth, her unfortunate encounters with less pleasant alien species the Oonglocks, and why she’s upping the sexiness in her shows this summer.

Congrats on returning to Fringe World 2022! How does it feel to perform again this year?

Oh, thank you, it was not my original plan but after miscalculating how much fuel my box needed to return to my home planet, I have been stuck on Earth for 426 days… I am excited to perform for the humans again this year. I have researched what attracts the human eye, and plan to be even sexier than last year’s show.

Could you tell us a bit about your home world?

I hail from B2-9, a planet way out in the stars. It is a colourful place full of music and our kind of dancing. Everything on my home planet is powered through attention and applause, you see, and so I need to gather enough attention from the humans here in order to contact my home planet for an extraction.

You were attacked by an Oonglock in your last show. What are they?

I was, yes. The Oonglocks sent an assassin after me. I was able to battle him to the death and my clones – I mean synthetics – ate the body. Digestion is easier to dispose of than decomposing, you see. Oonglocks are grotesque, flesh eating creatures that my planet have been at war with for centuries. Be thankful I am here and not one of those creatures. I will protect the humans if any more come back to enact revenge. 

You failed to leave Perth after miscalculating the amount of fuel you’ll need. Where have you been all this time and what have you been doing?

Well, there are some show homes, fully furnished, that I found to reside in. I assume it is for show people? I have enjoyed your mangos and Doritos greatly. I also got myself a human job at a café, to entertain patrons and earn some human money to pay for the Doritos. I have also recently learnt what a horse is, and I plan to learn how to ride one before my people come to collect me.

Since you’ve been in hiding for the past year, what do you like about Perth and Earth?

I love the human spirit. Trying everything once and then trying again when you fail. It is very admirable. It is okay to make mistakes here. You humans feel a lot; love, jealousy, anger, hope… love? No I said that. And I would like to feel too.

In the documentary by Cameron and Kyle, you said you sold your box for human currency. How did you sell the box and then get it back?

Yes, I had to sell my box for parts. Alien technology is a valuable asset apparently, and unfortunately I was unable to buy it back. But I have the inner workings of my box. A much smaller box – you would call it an A.I., but she is much more than that. She stimulates me and teaches me. My box is not shy. If you come to see it at The Fringe, you will learn she’s a little minx.

To meet the requirement to fuel your box, you needed to ensure that your show reaches it. What improvements did you make?

I have been watching a lot of your films and researching how to be sexy for you humans. My synthetics have also been training; their individual acts are much more enticing. Last year their acts were the entrees to the main dish – the finale dance. This year the finale dance is even sweeter, so I have taken to calling it dessert! Come try my dessert and interact with my box!

You created ‘synthetics’ of other artists to help perform the show with you. Of who did you create and why?

Well, I started with Miss Lola Moore, a wonderful Burlesque performer. I knew we needed comedy and boobs to capture the human’s attention. Then I found Miss Jordan; an acapella singer with such talent and sass. I think humans find sass quite addictive, so she was my second choice. Lastly I knew that The Fringe often had musical theatre so I found Miss Charlotte Louise, a powerhouse in Perth’s musical theatre scene. She was recently in Legally Blonde at the Crown and The Little Mermaid at The Regal. With the three of them, I had my perfect combination! These clones are perfectly adequate replicates of these humans with talent.

After training your synthetics and learning what humans want more of, what should we expect from your new show?

You should expect to laugh, cry, bop and be aroused by the time you walk away.  My show is the perfect combination of everything you could want at The Fringe. It is not to be missed.

How do you pay taxes?

Oh no, I use Uber. My new human friend Cameron taught me about the apps. Since I cannot drive, Cameron says all humans use Uber over taxes these days.

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